Terms of use

Tutu.B(hereinafter “the site”) is a site that uses a virtual store for the sale of clothing for the company Tutu Boutique and you are invited to take part in it subject to your agreement to the terms of use which will be specified below. The site allows the purchase of fashion details or any detail that the brand will see fit to display and sell on the site. In addition, the use of this site with all its contents and services, downloads of files, media such as pictures and videos and the various content offered to the visitors may change from time to time or depending on the type of content. The management of the site reserves the right to update the terms of use presented below from time to time without notice or special mention on the various channels of the site. The management of the site reserves itself the right to sale items in reduced prices/sale prices and to raise the prices back to their original price, or update the existing price, at any time. To place an order, first select the desired item or service, color and size. For each item or service offered on the site, an item page will be displayed showing the details of the item or service offered and the price of the sale. Please note that Tutu Boutique may update the item page from time to time, add or subtract details, remove products that are out of stock, add colors and / or dimensions, and update and / or change the price of the item from time to time. It is hereby clarified that the pictures on the site are for illustration purposes only, there may be changes between the pictures, including the colors appearing in the pictures and the item details and the actual items. These changes stem from, inter alia, the fact that the items are photographed and displayed on a computer screen. The prices shown on the site include VAT according to law, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In order to make a purchase on the site, the user will be asked to type basic details such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number. In order for the order to be made quickly and without mishaps, the correct details must be provided otherwise Tutu Boutique can’t guarantee the execution of the order. Attention, providing false details knowingly may cost to a criminal offense. Fraudulent applicants may be subject to civil and criminal legal proceedings, including tort claims for damages caused to Tutu Boutique due to disruption of the operation of the site. Upon ordering, Tutu Boutique will conduct a review of the credit card details and upon receipt of the order confirmation by the credit card companies, the user will be given an appropriate notice that the order has been approved. The purchase transaction will be executed only after the completion of the ordering process and after Tutu Boutique receives approval from the credit card company for the execution of the charge, in accordance with the existing work procedures between them and Tutu Boutique if the transaction is not approved by the credit companies, Appropriate. Completion of the purchase transaction is also conditional on the requested items being in stock upon completion of the order process. In the case of an item that is out of stock and / or that there is a problem with its supply, for any reason, Tutu Boutique may notify the user of the cancellation of the order. Such notice shall be delivered to the user by e-mail. In such a case, the user will not have any claim against Tutu Boutique and by making the order, the user waives any such claim. Tutu Boutique reserves the right to limit the quantity of items on each order.



The website, as well as all the information it contain, including the site design, website code, media files including graphics, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the site belong to the site and are exclusive intellectual property of the Tutu Boutique site; and should not be used without prior written permission from the Tutu Boutique site. You may also not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, copy or reproduce any pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media or content without your written permission.



We strive to provide you the information presented on the site without interruptions but these may accrue due to technical considerations, third party or other problems, interference with the availability of the Site. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the site will be available to you at any time and you will not be given any financial or other compensation due to termination of service / download site External links to the site do not constitute a guarantee that the sites are safe, high quality or reliable and visiting them is done on your personal opinion only and are in the exclusive responsibility of the user of the site The content offered on the site is the sole property of Tutu Boutique and may not be used for purposes of the contents of these regulations except in cases where it is stated otherwise or in cases where it is noted that the copyright belongs to an external body. In these cases, you must check the terms of use of the attached link and follow the instructions specified on the external site to which the content belongs.



The site management reserves the right to block any user by blocking the IP address of his computer, MACID address of his computer or even according to the country of origin without having to provide an excuse acceptable to the surfer. The site’s staff will make every effort to protect the details of the registered users on the site. In cases where a third party has access to information, it is hereby agreed that surfers, users and members of the Site shall have no claim or demand against the Tutu Boutique staff.



This site may use cookies (especially for subscribers and subscribers) in internal statistical interfaces to maintain anonymous statistical documentation of surfers and analysis of surfers’ traffic, site browsing habits and analysis of clicks and time of stay. The information is completely anonymous and does not contain the name of the surfer or any other identifying detail



While you use the site and in the event that any dispute is found, you agree that the foregoing is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law, using only the Israeli court system. 1. ניתן לבצע החלפות / החזרות עד 14 יום מיום קבלת המוצר, בצרוף קבלה. ובלבד שהמוצר נמצא באריזתו המקורית (בשלמותה) ולא נעשה בו שימוש. 2. ניתן לקבל החזר כספי תוך 14 יום מיום קבלת המוצר על כל פריט שמחירו מעל 50 ש״ח, עם הצגת קבלה ובאריזה המקורית. 3. בביטול עסקה – ינוכו דמי ביטול מהעסקה כחוק – 5% מערך המוצר או 100 ש״ח לפי הנמוך מבניהם. 4. לקוח ששילם במזומן או המחאה יקבל החזר כספי בצורת המחאה שתישלח לנמען / המשלם עפ”י הפרטים שימסרו במלואם (בניכוי דמי הביטול), ולא יאוחר מ-7 ימי עסקים. 5. לא ניתן לבטל / להחזיר את רכישת ההצטרפות / דמי ההרשמה לעמותה. 6. באחריות הלקוח לבדוק את תקינות המוצר בעת קבלתו, בין אם הגיע בדואר , ו/ או נמסר עם שליח, לא ניתן לקבל תלונות על פגמים , ו/ או שברים לאחר שהמוצר נמסר ללקוח עד 7 ימי עסקים מאישור קבלתו / מסירתו ללקוח.